March 2016 News


EYEQ™ Training on Smart Phones Debuts Easy 3 Step Course Creation with Automatic Gamification


Phonize Inc., developer of EYEQ™ talent development, skill-building and compliance training platform for use on mobile devices and PCs, today announced its next generation course creation and built-in authoring framework. EYEQ allows course creators and managers to rapidly create, publish and deliver interactive, media-rich micro-learning modules with automatic gamification—an industry first.

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EYEQ offers an easy, rapid three-step process for rapidly building interactive modules and courses with media rich resources like photos, audio files and video, all available on the smartphone. Each module offers capabilities to add quizzes and challenges with automatic gamification that tracks and rewards accuracy and speed with individual scores, team points and more. Upon course completion, every trainee is issued a certificate of completion while managers and trainers can view analytics and reporting to optimize training or provide additional remediation as needed.

As a veteran trainer from Dale Carnegie, with years of live training experience, my dream was to make it easy for professionals like me to share their expertise with the world in a way that was easy, fast and fun,” said Ginger Bell, SVP e-Learning at PHONIZE “EYEQ training on smartphones is transforming that dream into playbooks for training for course creators everywhere and all in the palm of their hand.”

EYEQ offers a gamified training system with social capabilities that include the following:
EYEQ secure cloud infrastructure virtually eliminates capital costs related to purchasing new technology. As a subscription-based platform as a service, EYEQ requires no IT administration or maintenance. Its secure cloud storage allows organizations to rapidly retrieve and review vital training do
cumentation in seconds. It is a one-stop solution for collecting and analyzing data related to measuring the effectiveness and ROI of a company’s compliance and ethics programs. It is a complete stand-alone system that makes it easy for any company, any size to finally be able to have their own company online university.

EYEQ™ FDA Compliance Training on Mobile Devices to be Presented at the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

ispelogoAt the ISPE 2016 vendor night tonight in San Francisco, at the AT&T Stadium, Phonize Inc., ComplianceOnline and MetricStream, will demo the New EYEQ Training App with RAPs accredited courses on FDA Compliance Training on smartphones and PCs. The innovative EYEQ allows pharmaceutical personnel to easily access compliance training made easy, fast and effective.

“EYEQ is the premier mobile training platform with FDA compliance training courses built by experts with years of FDA training experience,” said Angela Bazigos, chief compliance officer at PHONIZE “I’m delighted to work closely with our esteemed partners, MetricStream and ComplianceOnline to introduce ISPE members and partners to the revolutionary way to accomplish training on EYEQ.”
EYEQ provides a growing list of courses for 2016 FDA Compliance Training Series with certificates of completion for use toward continuing education units. The new courses include the following topics:

■ 21 CFR Part 11
■ Cosmetics — How Are They Regulated
■ Drug Discovery and Development — The FDA Way
■ Writing Effective SOPs
■ Excel Spreadsheet Validation for 21 CFR 11
■ HIPAA Best Practices
■ FDA Direct: Establishment Registration and Listing
■ FDA Direct: Overview of Regulatory Requirements for Medical Devices
■ FDA Direct: Risk Management & Drug Surveillance
■ FDA Inspection — Key Factors for a Successful Inspection
■ FDA Inspections — 21 CFR 11 and Computer System Validation
■ FDA Inspections — Managing Inspection Outcomes
■ FDA Inspections — Managing Regulatory Risk
■ FDA Inspections — Organization Readiness
■ FDA Inspections — Program Overview
■ FDA Inspections — Quality System Readiness
■ FDA Quality Metrics — Latest Advances
■ Good Clinical Practices
■ Good Documentation Practices
■ Project Management for 21 CFR 11 & CSV
■ Key Factors for an FDA Inspection
■ European Data Protection Reform

The courses are individually available and are also available with the complete EYEQ training system. With its built-in authoring, reporting tools and analytics to measure an individual’s progress, EYEQ provides a complete secure training delivery platform. It provides personalized recommendations for remediation, course progress and completion tracking, exam proficiency and certificates of achievement.

PHONIZE and America’s Mortgage Institute Deliver Successful Residential Loan Officer Training to Mortgage Express

PHONIZE and America’s Mortgage Institute (AMI) today announced that Mortgage Express is seeing success with the training from the online Mortgage Master course available now on EYEQ.

curtThe Mortgage Master Program, delivered online and as an App for mobile devices and smartphones, provides approximately 40 hours of engaging, informative learning material that includes mortgage terminology, loan products, ethics, sales techniques and more. It provides the fundamental mechanics vital to every mortgage loan originator, including mortgage math, prequalification, loan program guidelines and compliance as it pertains to mortgage originations.

Mortgage Express manager, Curt VanderZanden underscored the value and the results he is seeing from top notch training content from AMI delivered in an engaging way on EYEQ: “Having been in the mortgage industry since 1993, working my way up from a rookie loan officer, branch manager, trainer, sales manager and regional sales manager, one of the biggest challenges is growing new rookie loan officers.”


mortgageexpressRocko Karim started at Mortgage Express in November and is new to the mortgage industry. He recently completed the Mortgage Master training and found it extremely beneficial in terms of helping him get up to speed quickly while leveraging his prior experience. “I enjoyed the training program because it gave me an opportunity to think about my past business experiences and how I could incorporate the ideas presented in the program to benefit my specific situation. As a new MLO there is a lot to learn and you get a lot of information thrown at you. This program is a great reinforcement of information that may be you didn’t completely understand, you forgot, or perhaps was never shared with you.”

Karim found the features of Mortgage Master, including instructional videos, interviews, games and quizzes kept him engaged and served as an enhancement to the material. Overall, Karim said, “I recommend Mortgage Master to anyone who is getting started in the mortgage industry. It’s a great way to learn the fundamentals of the industry and to help get you started originating loans.”

Developed by industry experts, Mortgage Master utilizes several different learning methodologies – videos, games, quizzes – and unique, active learning strategies on a state-of-the-art EYEQ gamification platform with text-to-voice technology to keep learners engaged and enthusiastic about the content. It fills a definitive need for fundamental education to serve as a base for pre-licensing education, while sharpening skills of existing loan originators.

VanderZanden added, “I have not seen a more comprehensive training program that imparts, not only the fundamentals of the industry, but also the mechanics of how to be a loan officer and work effectively within your office. The training outlines the ethical behavior and a structure for how to set yourself up from day one to build a network of business. Today, the stakes are too high to not properly train your personnel. Mortgage Master on EYEQ is a fantastic introduction to the industry that I know will reap dividends for my business.”

INSIDE Phonize

Phonize, Inc. is shaping the future of enterprise compliance training for the mobile workforce. for the first time, a digital compliance training system, EYEQ™, provides one to one training to millions on a smart phone or tablet. now in pilot with more than 100 major companies in the financial services and life sciences industries, EYEQ™ is proving to be cost-effective and engaging. EYEQ™ delivers three-minute mini lessons with a personalized Virtual Coach using the Octalysis framework designed by world-renowned gamification designer, Yu-Kai Chou. the platform empowers professionals to train, reference policy details and get compliance training reminders on the go. EYEQ™ offers secure centralized reporting on an individual’s progress, course completion and other behavioral data. the platform includes a library of certified enterprise compliance courses, and offers an easy to use built-in authoring solution for rapid development and deployment of custom, company-specific policies and alerts. founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in San Francisco. for more information, please visit

Mr. Eduardo Cervantes
Eduardo has led three successful exits. He has managed large and small Cloud and Mobile companies in the US and Europe and provided excellent return to his venture investors. He started his career in M&A with Goldman Sachs and has led technology companies for 18 years.

Mr. Roy Hanif
Roy, is an entrepreneur who has launched numerous ventures in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. He has been a part of many successful enterprises, including such notable companies as Oracle Corp., Cisco Systems, PeopleSoft, NC International, Telenor M2M, and most recently, exiting OneDrum, which was acquired by Yammer.

Mr. Rudiger Diezmann
Rudi, Chief Product Officer, is one of the top software technology experts in the Silicon Valley, having served as Director of Development for Apple Corporation, CTO at Success Factors, Development Director at Adobe Systems, VP of Engineering at CyberArts, and head of technology at several successful Silicon Valley start-ups.

Ms. Angela Bazigos
Honored by Stanford Who’s Who Registry for contributions to the Life Sciences Industry, Angela has more than 35 years of experience working with life sciences companies around the world. Most recently Bazigos was CCO for Prime Genomics, and held executive roles at Incyte Genomics, Roche and Counsyl among others.

Ms. Ginger Bell
Ginger is a renowned education specialist in the mortgage banking industry with more than 25 years experience delivering mission critical training and compliance training. Ginger has been awarded the Presidential Award by both the California and the Oregon Association of Mortgage Professionals for her commitment to bringing quality education to the banking industry.

Ms. Heidi Wieland
Heidi is an established tech marketing pro with start-up and blue chip experience with companies including Thomson Higher Education Publishing, Softbank, AOL (in partner marketing with HP and Apple), start ups 3Scale, Mesagraph (acquired by Twitter Europe) and DataPop (acquired by Criteo), Expertcity (GoToMyPC, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and Citrix Online. She is a strategist who gets things done with metrics-driven brand, customer-focused, eco-system and analyst relations, PR, social and leadership marketing.