Global Enterprise Looks to PHONIZE for Effective Training Delivery Platform for the Mobile Workforce

·       Momentum is Strong for PHONIZE in key global training market estimated at $130 BN with 15% CAGR – Not including IoT applications

  • Company Builds Enterprise Sales Force with Focus Across EU

·       New Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud and Data Protection for Global Companies Doing Business in the EU; Focus on FDA and Life Sciences

  • PHONIZE Cloud Platform Delivers to Laptops, Tablets iOS and Android to Meet Needs of 350+ Million Mobile Workers in U.S. and EU.


San Francisco, Calif. Sept 29, 2015 – Phonize Inc. today announced it is preparing for an aggressive expansion into the world of enterprise training, valued at $130BN across North America and abroad. The company is organizing a dedicated enterprise sales force focused on meeting the needs of global companies doing business in the European Union.

Three months after unveiling its first generation platform, Morf Learning™, with the goal of attracting leading content partners in the financial services and life sciences industries, Phonize is seeing an unprecedented push from companies across industry to deliver data protection and risk management training on mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). The patented Phonize cloud platform, with game-like, three minute courseware and a personalized digital coach, offers staff, partners and consumers a simpler way to get business done, fill out detailed forms and accomplish sales, customer service and compliance training on the fly.

Partners are leveraging their content via PHONIZE patented parsing technology (text, speech and video) with the latest brain science learning principles (drip learning) and brief training sessions to create audio books and other media that enhance both engagement and retention. Hundreds of morfed courses, to be released this month on the mobile social cloud platform, include the following:

  • European Data Protection Reform
  • Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud
  • FDA Inspection Program Overview
  • General Principles of Clinical Vaccine Development
  • Export Certificates for Medical Devices


“Momentum continues to accelerate,” said cofounder and early stage investor Axel Von Schubert, president of J.P. Capital Investments Ltd., “With ever more stringent regulations coming into effect, more than 350 million mobile workers traveling between the U.S and Europe this year, need to get up to speed on the new laws. Companies doing business abroad—especially life sciences firms–are turning to Phonize for a more effective way to provide training to their mobile workforce. These companies are serious about transparency and meeting their goals. In fact many are bringing compliance training to the boardroom to ensure they are meeting compliance at every level while ultimate delivering safe life enhancing products to patients.”

“Simplifying company-wide risk management is now at hand, literally, said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO of PHONIZE “Phonize takes the boring out of training…for new hires and Millennials, customers and partners – we all want a fast, fun and easy way to make training payoff.”

“Companies of all sizes like Merck and Touchstone Technologies Silicon Valley, biotech leaders and medical device start ups and leaders in goverance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions like MetricStream and Compliance Online are looking to Phonize for a more effective way to reach the global mobile workforce,” said Roy Hanif, co-founder and chief revenue officer at PHONIZE “With the rise of the mobile workforce, many of which are new hire Millennials, we’re ramping up our enterprise focus to provide the right solutions for companies that do business around the world.”

About Phonize, Inc.

Phonize, Inc. is the developer of EYEQ™, the game-changing training delivery platform, made fast, fun and easy. For the first time companies can provide one to one customized online training to their mobile workforce, partners and customers on a smart phone or tablet. Now in pilot with more than 100 companies and partners in the financial services and life sciences industries, EYEQ is proving to be cost-effective and engaging with its game-style courseware, developed by vertical industry training experts. EYEQ delivers interactive three minute courses and a virtual Coach™ which empowers professionals to train, reference policy details and get reminders and compliance notifications on the go. As a mobile platform-as-a-service, EYEQ offers secure centralized reporting for managing governance, regulatory and compliance training on a sustained basis. Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in San Francisco.


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Heidi Wieland

Vice President Marketing of Phonize, Inc. USA