PHONIZE Turns Compliance Training into Playbooks for Serious Business with Companies in Highly Regulated Industries


When recruiting new hires, managers often say, “We work hard and we play hard.” Today, enterprise technology eccan turn work into play. We have the capabilities to create enterprise applications that can be as compelling, personalized and rewarding to use as a game or social media platform— while aligning to business goals.

A Service People Love to Use

PHONIZE today announced it is engaged with more than 100 companies and partnering with course-ware experts in highly regulated industries to turn enterprise compliance training into a playbook for serious business. Morf Learning, now in pilot with companies in the financial services, life sciences and retail industries, is a mobile platform as a service that employees, trainers and company management love to use.

Staffs Start Up with Training Industry Experts and Top Education Leaders

Phonize, Inc. CEO Eduardo Cervantes said how important it is to work closely with customers to build an effective and relevant training platform. He has also staffed his start up with seasoned training professionals in each of Phonize’s targeted verticals. He has recruited advisory from top learning and technology innovators, including Stanford’s Arthur Bienenstock and leading gamification guru, Yu-Kai Chou.

Customers Deliver Feedback: We Listen and Evolve

Cervantes stated: “We are working with Global 2000 and companies of all sizes engaged in global business. We are learning that they continue to struggle with time consuming technologies in order to provide training to their teams, partners, field staff and mobile workers—many of whom work in remote locations. Outdated technology doesn’t match how they need to deliver rapidly changing and critical-path industry information. They feel boxed in by expensive legacy systems.”

Cervantes continued, “Not one person we initially interviewed about the current array of learning and training systems said, ‘We love developing and delivering training to our mobile workforce using our enterprise learning management software.’ Not one executive manager said, ‘Compliance training is a sales strategy.’ And not one professional said, ‘We can’t wait to do our mandatory compliance training.’ So we set out to change this.”

Playbooks for Success in Pilot Now

Now in pilot, with commercial release planned for June, Phonize is developing Morf Learning as its playbook for success. Cervantes added, “Morf Learning leverages the innovative gamification framework from Yu-Kai Chou to support a more effective experience that’s fun to use if not habit forming. We’re building a system that’s easy to use. Managers can create, validate and deploy certified courses with automatic gamification in minutes. The courses are automatically set up as rapid mini lessons – an optimized design based on brain science and learning research. Morf Learning is building a personalized tutor and rewards system—that tracks proof of achievements aligned to business goals. It’s catching on fire. For the first time we are showing managers how training expertise can be proven as a sales driver.”

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About Phonize, Inc.

Phonize, Inc., developer of Morf Learning, ™ mobile platform as a service, simplifies enterprise compliance training for companies and the mobile workforce in highly regulated industries. Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team with expertise in developing start ups, Morf Learning is in pilot with more than 100 companies and partnering with courseware experts in the financial services and life sciences industries.

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Heidi Wieland

Vice President Marketing of Phonize, Inc. USA