Morf Media Inc. Reveals the “Secret Sauce” of Online Career Training for Millennials and Mortgage Professionals at MBA Annual 2015

Morf Media Inc. SVP e-Learning Ginger Bell and Co-Founder Roy Hanif Demo Social Training Delivery Platform with New Hire Courseware Built to be Social, Mobile, Easy, Fast and Fun


San Diego, CA–Oct. 21, 2015 – At the Mortgage Banking Association Annual Conference 2015, industry innovators and leaders met with Morf Media Inc. SVP of e-Learning, Ginger Bell and Morf Media Inc. cofounder, Roy Hanif, to see the new social training platform for mortgage industry professionals. Bell showed new Morf Media training and mentoring courseware that is social, mobile, easy, fast and fun to use on a smartphone or mobile device.

Individualized, Smart, Social, Fast & Fun: The Secret Sauce to Gen Y Engagement


“The online courses on the Morf Media platform are designed to “morf” in response to an individual’s progress, providing specific and virtual coaching,” said Hanif. “The product also offers game-like capabilities for an individual to compete with other team members and earn rewards as progress is made. The solution offers managers a quick and easy way to get reporting on an individual’s progress and compare with other staff performance.”


IMG_1893Bell commented on why this matters in the world of training. “The trainings you received in the 20th century, and that you are likely delivering to your employees today, don’t cut it with Millennials. They are a different breed of learners, and if the training culture of your company isn’t up to snuff by their standards, you will likely watch these young geniuses come and go, taking with them valuable human resource opportunities and wasting your time, money, and effort.”


According to Bell, a veteran training expert, and in accordance with many studies on Gen Y, Millennials want engagement. They want mobility and they want social feedback online. They want participation and connectivity, and they definitely expect technology. Bell, stated, “Imagine a training where, instead of human widgets all sitting obediently in their rows, trying to consume particle-board-dry information, there is dynamism. Imagine the energy in your company when new hires feel empowered to contribute to a training, are given a chance to express some ownership, and thus find a deeper meaning for themselves than just the acquisition of facts. Imagine that these trainings take place in a fraction of the time of the old-school model. They are attended on mobile devices, giving employees the creativity and flexibility that has been a hallmark of the Millennial generation from the beginning. That is what we are building into the Morf Media platform right from the start.”


“It’s clear that purely transactional relationships with Millennial employees do not retain them,” said Axel von Schubert, Morf Media Inc. co-founder and president of J.P. Capital Investments Ltd. “In the on-boarding process, training is one of the first experiences new hires face. Smart design and gamification utilizing core drives, are the ingredients of the secret sauce that motivates Gen Y to get on board, stay on board, and contribute the best this generation has to offer: vitality, creativity, flexibility, and generosity.”


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About Morf Media, Inc.

Morf Media, Inc. is the developer of Morf Learning™ and soon-to-be released XOOLI™, the game-changing training delivery platform, made fast, fun and easy. For the first time companies can provide one to one customized online training to their mobile workforce, partners and customers on a smart phone or tablet. Now in pilot with more than 100 companies and partners in the financial services and life sciences industries, XOOLI is proving to be cost-effective and engaging with its game-style courseware, developed by vertical industry training experts. XOOLI delivers interactive three minute courses and a virtual Coach™ which empowers professionals to train, reference policy details and get reminders and compliance notifications on the go. As a mobile platform-as-a-service, XOOLI offers secure centralized reporting for managing governance, regulatory and compliance training on a sustained basis. Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in San Francisco.


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Heidi Wieland

Vice President Marketing of Morf Media, Inc. USA