360 Employee Rated Feedback: New Killer App on EYEQ for Improving Employee Performance and Customer Service in Real Time

Low-cost Employee Rating System Replaces Failing High-cost Employee Performance Development Systems

Provides Real-time Feedback from Customers, Partners, Peers and Managers – all on a Smartphone to Enhance Skill Building, Productivity and Customer Service


Today Phonize USA Inc. announced a new capability on EYEQ™enterprise leadership and compliance training platform for companies and their teams to get real-time 360 Employee Rated Feedback on their smartphone. Now on the Apple AppStore and soon on Google Play, EYEQ offers companies and their employees a better way to enhance performance, skill-building and leadership.

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#EYEQ Training Platform Now with #360Employee-Rated Feedback on Smartphones, Mobile Devices and PCs. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“In today’s online environment, people can instantly see and rate performance reviews of products, services and suppliers,” said Eduardo Cervantes, Phonize USA Inc. CEO. “But real-time ratings don’t exist for employees-where improving service and quality excellence-in the nick of time-can make or break a major account win and an excellent rating can promote competitive advantage. Now with EYEQ 360 Employee Rated Feedback we have a low-cost way to help professionals change for the better.”

360 Employee Rated Feedback on EYEQ allows professionals to garner ratings on their performance from their peers, customers, partners and managers, similar to GlassDoor, eBay or Amazon ratings, on a one-to-five scale. It allows employees to get feedback and enhance performance in real time with a particular project or customer. It’s designed to be highly engaging and motivating.

“Annual reviews and post-mortem feedback on a project are no longer viable given today’s highly competitive environment,” said Roy Hanif, founder and director of Phonize USA Inc. “EYEQ transforms the rating system into a real-time performance enhancement tool.”

Hanif said the new capability on EYEQ is an evolution of a successful system he spearheaded at Cisco Systems in 1998 for a Supplier Rated system throughout the world, starting in EMEA. “At Cisco, we wanted to create a customer satisfaction centric process that was fair and efficient when selecting, connecting and sourcing quality suppliers for our global customers, partners and Cisco companies. We started with the idea around the age-old Barrister concept of sourcing feedback from a variety of peers in order to surface the best candidate for the critical role. The rating system, called the ‘business ecosystem’ at Cisco changed the way customers and manufacturers engaged in business. Rolled out to more than 40 countries, the system managed a revenue stream of $2.5 billion, and helped scale Cisco’s business globally Now as founder of Phonize USA Inc., Hanif evolved the concept of ratings to meet the needs of Fortune 500 companies. Now with EYEQ, companies and employees can see how they can best utilize and enhance the skills of their valuable employees, anytime, not just during annual reviews, with real-time ratings from a variety of key sources. In addition, Hanif saw the value of using real-time technology to provide instant feedback in order to deliver better customer service, or speed an innovative product to market.

According to Forrester Research, more than 58% of companies believe their performance management process needs to be enhanced in order to inspire greater employee engagement, higher performance and innovation. “Data informs decisions on who is best for any given function,” said Axel Von Schubert, member of the board at Phonize and director of business development. “EYEQ is a killer app for the enterprise-made easy, fast and for Millennials and today’s mobile workforce.”

About Phonize USA, Inc.

Phonize USA, Inc. is mobilizing the future of enterprise talent development and compliance training with EYEQ™ training delivered on smartphones, mobile devices and PCs. EYEQ is a patented platform for creating, delivering and tracking training for employees, managers, partners and customers. Global corporations have adopted EYEQ to deliver their mobile training via the smartphone to increase reach and flexibility to professionals on the go.

With its rapid course uploading tools with automatic gamification, EYEQ delivers interactive training experiences and communications using a variety of media, including audiobooks and video. Points are collected by teams to create a fun yet competitive environment. Social feedback and 360 Employee Rated Feedback tools empower users to measure and enhance their performance with every project. Leading Human Resource (HR) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Corporations use EYEQ to boost training effectiveness and reduce costs by more than 70% with just-in-time interval training delivered via mobile devices.

Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in San Francisco with offices in the Silicon Valley. For more information about PHONIZE USA, please visit: www.phonize.com.

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