The EYEQ Provides Best Practices to Improve Performance

Customer service is the cornerstone for businesses and as expectations grow, it becomes imperative for organizations to enhance the customer experience

High-quality metrics can be the prime differentiator between delivering good and great service. However, it is not enough to just adopt metrics. Companies need to continuously refine them to improve performance.

The EYEQ centralizes performance improvement with its systemized approach that blends customer satisfaction with continual improvement, providing a blended, measurable approach backed by statistical customer survey metrics.

EYEQ combines best practices that companies can adopt for high performance which includes:

Focus on Customer Experience: Customer demands are ever increasing and to stand out among competition, resolving issues and queries at the first go is critical. Employees need to have good listening skills as well as up-to-date information at hand for quick problem resolution, for improving response time and achieving a higher resolution rate. Companies must also train their employees to follow up with customers, anticipate related problems and exceed customer expectations.  The EYEQ incorporates Customer Satisfaction Surveys (C-Sats) for both internal and external customers that measure C-Sat and identifies areas for growth on an individual level.  The EYEQ becomes the central hub for companies to measure, train and reward employees based on real results.

Ensure a Satisfied Workforce: Though the customer remains central to a company, employees should not be neglected. Satisfied employees reflect a good company culture, have lower attrition rates and deliver better performance, ultimately ensuring satisfied customers. The EYEQ ensures that employees have access to advanced tools and technologies for increasing efficiency, a clear career growth, work-life balance and rewards or recognition for good performance. This leads to optimum productivity and higher employee satisfaction scores.

Use New Technology and Innovations: Companies must use effective strategy to plan staffing needs to match the customer requirements. The EYEQ provides a multi-channel approach to identify concern areas that can help companies deflect customer queries and improve the customer experience. This not only reduces costs but if delivered effectively, ensures high customer satisfaction.

Plan Ahead with Analytics: It is important for companies to not only deploy analytics but also incorporate new practices based on the insights. The EYEQ integrates predictive analytics which provides valuable insights to improve sales, marketing programs, manage risks, and retain employees. Using analytics, companies can identify all pain points of employees’ interactions with customers, and rectify these problems to improve interaction quality. Analytics can also help improve forecasting accuracy for companies by providing a deeper understanding of customer behavior, attitudes and preferences.

Drive Change from the Top: Business leaders are the link between goals and performance. As the strategic backbone of success for companies, metrics are best driven top-down from leaders to employees. The EYEQ provides technology that will ensure that metrics are applied across the organization and the entire workforce adheres to industry standards. Optimally deploying metrics can add immense value to the company and improve performance by unlocking business value, identifying opportunities, and motivating positive change.

The EYEQ is the technology solution for the modern workforce.  One that blends customer satisfaction, applied analytics and proven results.