PHONIZEMobile Training Platform Ignites Big Change in the Future Health of Wealth Management and Financial Services Talent

Mobile Game-like Talent Management and Compliance Training Platform from PHONIZEAllows Financial Services Companies to Author, Train and Test on Company Policy, Industry and Regulatory Know-How with Smart Results

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At Wall Street banks and financial services organizations, new hires and analysts must undergo intensive training and orientation programs on company policy, industry terms and regulatory mandates. Performance pressure to pass the training is high. Delivering an easy, fast and fun way to get training done on a smartphone or mobile device is what Morf Media Inc. today announced it is developing with its PHONIZE™ Financial Services.


“Morf Media technology is igniting big change in the future health of wealth-management firms and financial services companies with PHONIZE Financial Services,” said Axel Von Schubert, cofounder and president of J.P. Capital Investments Ltd. “PHONIZE meets a pent up demand for technology that allows companies to link individual performance to organizational strategy in a way that’s easy, effective, socially oriented and mobile.”

PHONIZE™ Financial Services is a secure training platform as a service with a library of courses, including Anti-money Laundering and Cyber Security courses, developed by industry experts. PHONIZE has built-in authoring capabilities, analytics, social challenge and gamified feedback features, measurement and monitoring tools—all accessible anytime, anywhere via a mobile device.

The PHONIZE platform allows authors to easily add game elements to courses to encourage a habit of learning, such as daily Morf TRIVIA questions about a new compliance rule. The results can be published as a social news event which helps drive engagement across a department and organization. The Morf Platform measures results on an individual’s performance and provides recommended resources for fortifying an individual’s learning results. It leverages a variety of digital media, like videos, text to voice, virtual challenge coaches and rewards while delivering industry specific training—all measured and tracked by the platform’s reporting system. Now, new hires, loan officers and analysts can engage in company, industry and compliance training in a manner consistent with the way people want to learn, anytime, anywhere, and the way companies want to develop and manage their talent.

“Passing company training is a critical play in a lucrative career as a professional and as an analyst in the financial services industry,” said Roy Hanif, founder and chief revenue officer at PHONIZE“Even an hour of critical training might be procrastinated until the last minute with old school approaches. We set out to change the training experience with PHONIZE™ by making it easy to do on a mobile device with interactive modules that reinforce learning and achievement with rewards. Many companies are using our platform to provide daily Morf TRIVIA-like training games that level up to incentives—all designed to keep their employees, managers and executives abreast of new policies while on the go.”

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About Morf Media, Inc.

Morf Media, Inc. is a social, mobile platform for HR talent development and training for the modern workforce. Made easy, fast, fun and socially oriented, PHONIZE™ provides one to one leadership, skill building and training development, anytime, anywhere on a smart phone or tablet. PHONIZE delivers interactive three minute courses via a variety of media, including text to voice and video. Its gamified social framework delivers feedback that empowers people to perform at their best while providing managers with reporting, metrics and communication tools to optimize talent management.

Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in San Francisco.

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