Morf Media Inc. Appoints Natalia Glatcovschi as Director of Sales for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Glatcovschi to Focus on Training for FDA Compliance, European Data Protection Act, Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Medical Device Regulatory Compliance


image1San Francisco, Calif. Oct 14, 2015 – Morf Media, Inc., shaping the future of compliance training for the mobile workforce with Morf Learning™ and XOOLI™ today announced that life sciences sales and customer service veteran, Natalia Glatcovschi has joined the company as Director of Sales Life Sciences and Healthcare accounts. She will focus on accelerating the onboarding process for new and existing customers for the upcoming commercial release of the new XOOLI Life Sciences and Healthcare courseware, developed by industry experts.

“Morf Media’s fast-paced start up culture is driven by seasoned professionals who are passionate putting training into the hands of every mobile worker with the device they already have in their pocket,” said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO of Morf Media, Inc. “We’re delighted to welcome Ms. Glatcovschi to our sales team to manage and grow our life sciences and healthcare business with customers and partners around the world.”


I’m thrilled to join the company to launch XOOLI for the life sciences,” said Glatcovschi. “This is the first social training delivery platform for the mobile workforce that makes training fast, fun and easy. That spells return on investment in ways that impact the bottom line. XOOLI is designed to speed learning, personalize rewards and turn training into a playbook for success.”

The company’s newest release offers complete training for companies doing business in Europe on the new European Union Data Protection Reform.

The EU Data Protection reform is designed to bring together better ways for people to feel safe while engaging with powerful communication, productivity and other digital technologies,” added Glatcovschi. “XOOLI allows companies to take action now to train their mobile workers to perform at their best, avoid compliance breaches, and powerfully contribute to the European Digital Single Market to live up to its capacity.”


About Morf Media, Inc.

Morf Media, Inc. is the developer of Morf Learning™ and soon-to-be released XOOLI™, the game-changing training delivery platform, made fast, fun and easy. For the first time companies can provide one to one customized online training to their mobile workforce, partners and customers on a smart phone or tablet. Now in pilot with more than 100 companies and partners in the financial services and life sciences industries, XOOLI is proving to be cost-effective and engaging with its game-style courseware, developed by vertical industry training experts. XOOLI delivers interactive three minute courses and a virtual Coach™ which empowers professionals to train, reference policy details and get reminders and compliance notifications on the go. As a mobile platform-as-a-service, XOOLI offers secure centralized reporting for managing governance, regulatory and compliance training on a sustained basis. Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in San Francisco.


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