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WHAT’S NEW FOR 2016: EYEQ™ is Here and We’ve Got An App for That!

• What’s New for 2016: EYEQ™ is Here and We’ve Got An App for That!
• EYEQ Delivers Award-Winning Platform for TalentDevelopment and Training in Highly Regulated Industries for the Mobile Modern Workforce
• Global Life Sciences Companies Choose FDA Investigation Training with a Risk Driven Approach from PHONIZE and World Compliance Seminars

The talent development and training technology industry evolves every year. But in 2015, we introduced a game change: EYEQ ™, a talent development, skill-building and training platform for use on mobile devices. Inspired by world-class design expert, Yu-Kai Chou, a leader in game theory and product design, our customers in the financial services, healthcare and the life sciences affirm that EYEQ is easy, fast and fun to use.

Award-winning EYEQ provides a library of smart courses developed by experts, in a game-like framework. It’s a hub for performance enhancement with video and e-clips, audio books, TED Talks, skill-building exercises and more. Plus EYEQ offers the industry’s easiest to use authoring tools for experts to share their best practices and expertise with the world. The entire system is organized with measurement capabilities that empower professionals and managers to develop their strengths— aligned with an individual’s career-path goals and the goals of their organization. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, our platform ties technology innovation, mobility and social feedback capabilities with the mission of linking goals throughout an organization, including the boardroom.

Next year, our focus is on evolving our socially-oriented capabilities to optimize performance. We are innovating technology to deliver 360-degree performance develop- Eduardo Cervantes CEO & PRESIDENT MORF MEDIA INC WHAT’S NEW FOR 2016: EYEQ™ is Here and We’ve Got An App for That! EYEQ™ Social. Mobile. Easy. Fast. Fun. EYEQ™ Delivers Award-Winning Platform for Talent Development and Training in Highly Regulated Industries for the Mobile Modern Workforce ment capabilities backed by metrics. We are blending customer satisfaction (C-SAT) ratings by peers, partners, managers and customers, with best practices, continual improvement exercises, personal virtualized coaching—with smart data and more. Our goal is to Morf 360 CSAT capabilities that allow companies to measure, train and reward employees based on real results. We’ll tell you more about EYEQ 360 as we roll out in the New Year.


EYEQ Delivers Award-Winning Platform for Talent Development and Training in Highly Regulated Industries for the Mobile Modern Workforce

Mobile Game-like Talent Management and Compliance Training Platform from PHONIZE Allows Financial Services Companies to Author, Train and Test on Company Policy, Industry and Regulatory Know-How with Smart Results

At Wall Street banks and financial services organizations, new hires and analysts must undergo intensive training and orientation programs on company policy, industry terms and regulatory mandates. Performance pressure to pass the training is high. Delivering an easy, fast and fun way to get training done on a smartphone or mobile device is what PHONIZE today announced it is developing with its EYEQ ™ Financial Services.

“Phonize technology is igniting big change in the future health of wealth-management firms and financial services companies with EYEQ Financial Services,” said Axel Von Schubert, cofounder and president of J.P. Capital Investments Ltd. “EYEQ meets a pent up demand for technology that allows companies to link individual performance to organizational strategy in a way that’s easy, effective, socially oriented and mobile.” EYEQ™ Financial Services is a secure training platform as a service with a library of courses, including Anti-money Laundering and Cyber Security courses, developed by industry experts. EYEQ has built-in authoring capabilities, analytics, social challenge and gamified feedback features, measurement and monitoring tools—all accessible anytime, anywhere via a mobile device.

The EYEQ platform allows authors to easily add game elements to courses to encourage a habit of learning, such as daily Morf TRIVIA questions about a new compliance rule. The results can be published as a social news event which helps drive engagement across a department and organization. The Morf Platform measures results on an individual’s performance and provides recommended resources for fortifying an individual’s learning results. It leverages a variety of digital media, like videos, text to voice, virtual challenge coaches and rewards while delivering industry specific training—all measured and tracked by the platform’s reporting system. Now, new hires, loan officers and analysts can engage in company, industry and compliance training in a manner consistent with the way people want to learn, anytime, anywhere, and the way companies want to develop and manage their talent.

“Passing company training is a critical play in a lucrative career as a professional and as an analyst in the financial services industry,” said Roy Hanif, founder and chief revenue officer at PHONIZE “Even an hour of critical training might be procrastinated until the last minute with old school approaches. We set out to change the training experience with EYEQ™ by making it easy to do on a mobile device with interactive modules that reinforce learning and achievement with rewards. Many companies are using our platform to provide daily Morf TRIVIA-like training games that level up to incentives—all designed to keep their employees, managers and executives abreast of new policies while on the go.”

Global Life Sciences Companies Choose FDA Investigation Training with a Risk Driven Approachfrom PHONIZE and World Compliance Seminars

FDA Expert PHONIZE Chief Compliance Officer Angela Bazigos
Delivers New Training on Preparing for, Hosting and Following up on FDA
Inspections – Available Live, Online and Via Mobile Devices

Impacting global manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals to biologics and biotech products, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to expand its powerful regulatory oversight. While international agencies often look to and adopt FDA guidelines, manufacturers around the world are seeking a better way to manage if not prepare for FDA investigation. PHONIZE and World Compliance Seminars today announced they are delivering a simpler, better and more effective way for companies to get the FDA investigation training they need to perform at their best with a risk driven approach.

The comprehensive FDA Inspection Overview training course is available as a live seminar on December 3-4, 2015 in Boston and on February 4-5, 2016 in San Diego , online for mobile devices via PHONIZE and coming in early 2016, on the Morf Training App for tablets and smartphones.

“Using a risk driven approach, we are helping life sciences companies get ready in advance of the visit to address the key areas of concern including corrective action or CAPA, risk management, vendor controls, and adverse event reporting during inspections,” said Angela Bazigos, CCO PHONIZE “Together with our worldclass partner, World Compliance Seminars, companies get the compliance training they need to understand what their regulatory risks are and to execute on plans to effectively address any gaps.”

While the course focuses on FDA inspections, inspections by other regulatory authorities such as European and Japanese regulatory authorities will be compared and contrasted to an FDA Inspection. The training is designed to provide proactive guidance to quality assurance regulatory affairs and validation auditors, risk managers, compliance officers and senior management. Bazigos presents best practices and tools to empower life sciences managers and executives to simplify management of the following:

• Assess quality system readiness for FDA inspection

• Identify compliance risks • Mitigate before, during and after the inspection

• Follow up procedures to FDA Form 483, issued to at the conclusion of an inspection when an investigator(s) has observed any conditions that in their judgement may constitute violations of the Food Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act and related Acts.

• Responses to warning letters

“The FDA inspection is one of the critical measures for success for your product and your organization as a whole,” added Bazigos. “This proven course will provide participants with the knowledge and the tools to build a solid foundation for passing FDA inspections from the perspective of the FDA inspector-valuable information to share with your teams that will benefit your company today and in the future.”

Online training for this course is available from PHONIZE The company is developing its mobile training platform—EYEQ™ for companies of any size to offer cost-effective mobile compliance training to their staff and partners on their smartphone or tablets.

The FDA Investigation training course is among a library of certified courses that is delivered in an innovative way to support learning, engagement, measurement and achievement for professionals on the go. “We are building EYEQ to serve as the world’s easiest to use compliance training platform, made social, mobile, fast and fun,” said Roy Hanif, founder of PHONIZE U.S.A. “With its mobile game-like three minute courses supported by a variety of media including text to voice and video for offline training, a framework of powerful analytics and reporting, life sciences companies and leading training companies, like World Compliance Seminars, are coming to us to provide training for the global mobile workforce anytime, anywhere.”

Phonize offers a mobile training delivery platform with patented technologies that personalize learning, measure progress and reward achievement. For managers, the secure EYEQ software-asa- service platform helps organizations streamline compliance training management, administration and reporting.


INSIDE Phonize

Phonize, Inc. is shaping the future of enterprise compliance training for the mobile workforce. For the first time, a digital compliance training system, EYEQ™, provides one to one training to millions on a smart phone or tablet. Now in pilot with more than 100 major companies in the financial services and life sciences industries, EYEQ™ is proving to be cost-effective and engaging. EYEQ™ delivers three-minute mini lessons with a personalized Virtual Coach using the Octalysis framework designed by world-renowned gamification designer, Yu-Kai Chou. The platform empowers professionals to train, reference policy details and get compliance training reminders on the go. EYEQ™ offers secure centralized reporting on an individual’s progress, course completion and other behavioral data. The platform includes a library of certified enterprise compliance courses, and offers an easy to use built-in authoring solution for rapid development and deployment of custom, company-specific policies and alerts. Founded in 2013 by a seasoned management team, the company is based in
San Francisco. For more information, please visit www.phonize.com.

Mr. Eduardo Cervantes
Eduardo has led three successful exits. He has managed large and small Cloud and Mobile companies in the US and Europe and provided excellent return to his venture investors. He started his career in M&A with Goldman Sachs and has led technology companies for 18 years.

Mr. Rudiger Diezmann
Rudi, Chief Product Officer, is one of the top software technology experts in the Silicon Valley, having served as Director of Development for Apple Corporation, CTO at Success Factors, Development Director at Adobe Systems, VP of Engineering at CyberArts, and head of technology at several successful Silicon Valley start-ups.
Mr. Roy Hanif
Roy, is an entrepreneur who has launched numerous ventures in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. He has been a part of many successful enterprises, including such notable companies as Oracle Corp., Cisco Systems, PeopleSoft, NC International, Telenor M2M, and most recently, exiting OneDrum, which was acquired by Yammer.
Ms. Angela Bazigos
Honored by Stanford Who’s Who Registry for contributions to the Life Sciences Industry, Angela has more than 35 years of experience working with life sciences companies around the world. Most recently Bazigos was CCO for Prime Genomics, and held executive roles at Incyte Genomics, Roche and Counsyl among others.
Ms. Ginger Bell
Ginger is a renowned education specialist in the mortgage banking industry with more than 25 years experience delivering mission critical training and compliance training. Ginger has been awarded the Presidential Award by both the California and the Oregon Association of Mortgage Professionals for her commitment to bringing quality education to the banking industry.
Ms. Heidi Wieland
Heidi is an established tech marketing pro with start-up and blue chip experience with companies including Thomson Higher Education Publishing, Softbank, AOL (in partner marketing with HP and Apple), start ups 3Scale, Mesagraph (acquired by Twitter Europe) and DataPop (acquired by Criteo), Expertcity (GoToMyPC, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and Citrix Online. She is a strategist who gets things done with metrics-driven brand, customer-focused, eco-system and analyst relations, PR, social and leadership marketing.