Phonize Executive Ginger Bell Delivers the Training Solutions that Transform Enterprise Compliance Training into a Playbook for Effective Change Management

 eventsbannerSan Francisco, Calif. March 17, 2015 – While most professionals serving the U.S. mortgage industry are aware of the major game change with the upcoming implementation of the new RESPA/TILA integrated disclosure final rule this August, training now is key to help manage the impact on detailed process changes. Ginger Bell, industry education specialist and SVP of Learning at Phonize, Inc., is conducting a seminar that will train on all aspects of the new rule for realtors today, hosted by Fidelity National Title. Learn more here.

“It’s important for lenders to realize that the new rule is not merely a consolidation of the good-faith estimate, truth-in-lending disclosure and the settlement statement (HUD-1) into two new material disclosures, the loan estimate and closing disclosure,” said Bell. “Of concern is the risk associated with communication between service providers, their technologies and lenders’ software systems of record. In the seminar, we will address this key concern as well as the impact on all aspects of lenders’ origination processes and technology.”

For industry professionals who can not attend the event, the training is available in its entirety online via Morf Learning, award-winning enterprise training platform for mobiles. Morf Learning is optimized to make enterprise compliance training effective as never before possible. It supports a scalable library of certified course content that is delivered in an innovative way to delight and engage employees, partners and administrators with its playbooks for managing success. It supports powerful analytics engines that show an individual’s progress, strengths and areas needed for improvement, proof of examination and more.

“The implications of the new rule will have far reaching consequences,” said Susan King , vice president of Strategic Accounts, Fidelity National Title Company of Oregon. “Leading lenders are taking steps now to organize the training to safeguard a carefully planned and well informed transition.”

For more information about piloting Morf Learning, please visit www.phonize.com. Phonize invites  industry training experts to contact us to learn more about the benefits of delivering enterprise training with Morf Learning/

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Heidi Wieland

Vice President Marketing of Phonize, Inc. USA