With Morf Learning, the Medium is also the Learner

The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a responsive, “symbiotic” and contextual relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.
His  book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, (1964) is about the delivery of  media (broadcast TV, film, books, ads…) of the Mass-Age.
 medium_messageToday, we have mass media that can learn our individual preferences: social media that morfs. YouTube, comicbookmovies, Facebook, FaceTime, manuals, games, in-person and online tutoring are among the media many of us can access to learn about something we care about. And while we search or comment, media, other people and technology can now learn about us.
Mobility, work-shifting, anytime, anywhere, smartphones, Netflix, Twitter and other social and game-like apps have forever changed the way we engage and learn. Passive one-size fits all, linear, multiple-choice training on power points is for me, at best, retro. Now we can give feedback with a “Like.” The Like spreads the content for me and to others. New content comes to me as a result of that Like.
Big data filters on our social platforms track what we like and can now “get us” in context. Find what we want. “I don’t like mustard in my cooking recipes.” The cooking recipe aggregation engine may ask for a rule but if I bypass the question, the technology will also “get smarter” as I use it and will cut the mustard…and if it doesn’t, I may change to another resource.
I am not a millennial. My son is. I like BYOD. I like talking to people in person. I like emoticons. I like to play mobile games. I like to learn what’s meaningful from a variety of resources. I use YouTube to learn how to Samba and I also go to dance class and mimic the steps of other dancers. I like to read books made with paper and I like to read at night on my iPad. I enjoy playing simulations such as building an igloo to learn about calculus. I have a hard time getting math without seeing it applied. And at work, if I have to engage in powerpoint training, I associate it with taking a siesta in a hammock in Hawaii. When I get tested on what I just learned, I want my gamified gold star. Maybe I’ll remember some part of it but mostly I’ll remember that the medium was the message. And learn/use what I like.
Now I am working at Phonize with a great team to develop and market a new kind of enterprise learning and content engine, called Morf Learning. We are developing media and content that morfs to the learning needs of individuals and their organizations. Regulatory content. Corporate policy content. Serious business.
Morf Learning is built with an adaptive recommendation engine for companies to foster an enterprise learning culture. Deliver enterprise compliance training. Role-based career training aligned with company goals. It provides a complete system via the cloud with built in authoring tools, gamification, smart analytics and reporting for fast, easy delivery to the mobile workforce anytime, anywhere. When I tell my friends I am working on technology to enhance enterprise compliance training, they say, “Make it so!”
Morf Learning is designed to change, learn, recommend and track according to the learner’s goals — aligned with company goals.   Morf Learning delivers a playbook for the enterprise learning culture where the medium is also the learner.