What Do Sipping a Perfect Cup of Drip Coffee and Morf Learning Have In Common?

For many of us, savoring our morning coffee or tea while we imbibe the news and learn what’s on for the day is essential and enjoyable. We sip the drink, we scan the news and note what’s hot or not. This simple everyday activity
is repeated, anticipated and memorable… it yields favorable and consistent results delivered at just the right time and repeated in intervals throughout the day.

Drip Learning or Interval Learning
Drip Coffee and Drip Learning

Advancements in coffee brewing and adaptive learning technology delivered in intervals or known as “drip learning” or “the spacing effect ” can yield consistently favorable results when they are performed according to a precise methodology.

Drip Coffee Brewing 101

Achieving that ideal cup at home may seem like a simple chore but to get the best results, consistently, ingredients need to be measured and applied with precision. It’s not as easy as it seems.

Here is one formula for earning the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Golden Cup Award:

  1. Ratio of coffee grinds to water:
    3.25 to 4.25 ounces of coffee grounds per 64 ounces of water (90-120 grams of coffee to 1.9 litres of water)
  2. How the coffee is ground
  3. The temperature of the water poured on the grinds (197ºF-200ºF or 93ºC)
  4. The interval for completing the brew (6-8 minutes)

Though the process can be varied according to the bean, the grind and the water, the overall process yields consistently favorable and repeatable results.

Drip Learning 101

Drip learning, also known in psychology and pedagogy as the spacing effect and interval learning, has a powerful effect on memory. It is robust, meaning it applies to many situations and types of learning, and it’s dependable and repeatable. The intervals can vary according to the learner for optimal results but the repetition of material over time is proven to be superior vs the old cram and forget method.

What is the simple principle that predicts the effectiveness of drip learning or a “spaced” repetition?

Hundreds of experiments on the spacing effect reveal a simple underlying principle. The closer you are to forgetting something, the more a fresh exposure to it helps. Why does the drip effect work? How does it focus attention?

Scientists are studying the mechanism involving the basic operations of nerve cells. The effect works on humans and animals as well.
And now the technique can be integrated with technology to apply effective results for learning and training.

The application requires precision and must scale for organizational needs and adapt to the learning capabilities of an individual.

Morf Learning 3 Minute Mini Courses

Morf Learning is the solution that integrates automation, adaptive technology, mini-learning courses and gamification, or more simply a rewarding and effective experience  throughout the learning process over time.

Morf Learning applies advances in adaptive technology, like a smart recommendation engine, to well-researched learning methodologies, known as drip learning or the spacing effect, to help people achieve superior learning results – especially dealing with material that is ordinarily not of interest to the learner… Such as is often the case with compliance training.

Morf Learning delivers enterprise compliance training concepts in 3 minute mini-courses using a drip learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to reinforce learning and retention. Add to that a spoonful or more of feedback with Morf Learning patented gamification, and we get an ideal brew for learning that sets the new standard.

Would you like to learn more about what we do? Enjoy a golden cup of your favorite beverage at Starbucks when you give us a call at 805-722-7413.

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