Enterprise Compliance is About Taking a Centralized View of Compliance

“Enterprise compliance—a coordinated approach to compliance spanning multiple businesses, organizational units and geographies—is moving to the top of the compliance agenda for many executives. For a term that was scarcely heard of only a few years ago, this growing interest in enterprise compliance may come as a surprise.”

At Phonize, developer of Morf Learning, we focus on delivering a scalable cloud platform for enterprise compliance training that helps banner3finalcompanies gain centralized oversight regardless of where the training takes place.

“Enterprise compliance is about taking a centralized view of compliance, regardless of whether processes or functional units are executed centrally. Even in a decentralized environment, there needs to be a way for leaders to look across their compliance infrastructure to understand, monitor and address developments. The winning model for enterprise compliance is the one that can deliver that view in a consistent and efficient way.”

Here’s a link to the full opinion, an interesting insight, from Deloitte that appeared in the Wall Street Journal: http://deloitte.wsj.com/riskandcompliance/2013/06/04/enterprise-compliance-answers-to-five-common-questions/